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Top Hotels in India

The Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai

The Oberoi Hotel is situated in the heart of the city’s business, financial and entertainment districts. It’s sited on Marine Drive and minutes away from the many tourist attractions. The hotel overlooks the ocean and Mumbai city’s skyline. The precise rooms offer panoramic views of the ocean and the city and are equipped with the latest technology. A variety of selected dining selections cater to the sophisticated tastes of every guest.

The Grand New Delhi, New Delhi

The Grand is an extraordinary mixture of a resort like setting equipped with present-day design and fashionable comfort.  The Grand is centrally located and is a short drive from Domestic and International Airports. The Grand features an expansive white lobby with the panoramic view of flowing water and beautifully designed gardens that display elegance and grandeur. It’s one of the largest in the region and is furnished with eight treatment rooms, where guests can choose from a selection of personalized treatments and therapies to revive oneself. It also offers recreational activities like the gym, yoga, relaxing steam bath, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Marari Beach Resort, Alleppey, Kerala

The Marari Beach Resort, Mararikulam offers extravagance among the backwaters of Kerala. The resort is spread on coconut palm orchards close to a beach. The resort is also accompanied by a local fishing village that makes the stay at the resort even more exciting. The facilities at the rooms include the exclusive services of mini bar, coffee making facilities. The rooms are attached to an open-air courtyard with a banana or Pappaya tree. The resort offers the facility of 52 expansive cottages among which 4 serves with the facility of private swimming pools.

Devi Garh, Delwara, Rajasthan

Devi Garh Palace is located in the Aravali Hills. It’s in the village of Delwara. It forms one of the three main passes into the valley of Udaipur. The luxury hotel has 39 suites and was given attention on design and detail by using local marbles and semi-precious stones. The Devi Garh suite is the best suite at the hotel and has a private Jacuzzi, a swimming pool and a bedroom and sitting room unit.

Hotel Tiracol Fort Heritage, Quepem, Goa

Hotel Tiracol Fort Heritage is situated close to the Keri beach in North Goa. This élite hotel sentinels at the mouth of the river Tiracol and was constructed in the 16th century by Portuguese merchants. The Hotel Tiracol Fort Heritage is solaced with the royal splendor of the Heritage Fort presenting two deluxe suites and five double rooms and gives a panoramic view of the captivating river and the sea.


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Safari Tour

Discover the wild jungles and forests of India on India Wildlife Tours. Feel the anticipation of seeing a royal tiger roaming around the jungle, or elephants and rhinos walking their way through the tall grass of a National Park. Explore nature areas occupied by unusual birds. Be face to face with a bear or a wild hyena on India Wildlife Tours.

Are you a nature lover? Do you love seeing and watching animals grow and live natural? Do you love seeing lions or bears, birds flying freely and having fun? Then wildlife safari is a great place to visit.

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Yoga and Meditation Tour

India has been the land of saints and sages who meditated and practiced yoga.  It unites the person’s soul with God through mental and physical meditations. The major role of Yoga is to keep the mind repetitively under variation. The divine city of Rishikesh is called the capital city of Yoga. Tourists and travelers anticipate and practice Yoga and meditation at the Himalayas. The city organizes a International Yoga Week every year in the month of February fascinating numerous specialists and participants.

So prepare yourself to refresh and reinforce yourself?  Enrich yourself physically and spiritually. Enjoy the beauty of the Yoga and Meditation and make it a remarkable holiday.

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10 Cheap Ways to Travel To India

  1. Find a good budget Travel Agency.
  2. Take advantage of flight promos and discounts.
  3. Book earlier. The earlier you book, the more you save.
  4. Avoid staying over Saturdays. You do not get cheaper airfares when you plan to return on Sunday or even later.
  5. Air travel departing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday tend to have low airfares, and more availability. Most people fly on weekends.
  6. Use nearby airports. One or two nearby airports offer cheaper airfares than the airport closest to you.
  7. Avoid traveling in the holiday season and other peak seasons like the winter, summer, and spring.
  8. Gain huge savings with vacation practices.
  9. Ask about taxes and airline surcharges.
  10. Do ample research and planning.
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10 Things NOT to do in India

India is a fun place to travel but there are certain do’s and don’ts.

  1. Don’t drink tap water. Drink only bottled water. And most important, watch out for the ice in drinks.
  2. Don’t drink milk. Most of the time the milk is mixed with tap water and ice. Make sure you get your coffee black.
  3. Eat at good restaurants. A place with a good reputation and firm business usually knows the value of good hygiene. It’s not a good idea to eat street food as the locals, they can handle it.
  4. Avoid obstinate vendors and taxis at airport, stations, bus stand who offer to help you find your hotel.
  5. Travel light. Don’t bring excessive luggage. If you over pack, it will be a hassle and frustrating.
  6. Use licensed guides for sightseeing.
  7. Shorts are a big no-no for a tourists. It’s better to wear long pants.
  8. Wash/sanitize your hands regularly.
  9. Don’t act out a sexual fantasy in public.
  10. Don’t wear shoes inside religious places.
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How to Travel Around in India

Listed below are the different modes of travel around India:

  • By Bus
  • By Train
  • By Boat
  • By Car
  • By Motorbike
  • By Bicycle
  • City Transport
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Top 15 Tourist Attractions in India

India has a very rich and dynamic culture that attracts every traveler. Below listed are the top 15 tourist attractions in India.
  1. The Taj Mahal
  2. Red Fort
  3. Qutub Minar
  4. Gateway of India
  5. India Gate
  6. Goa Beaches
  7. Himalayas
  8. Humayun’s Tomb
  9. Ajanta and Ellora Caves
  10. Jama Masjid
  11. Golden Temple
  12. Lake Palace
  13. Shimla
  14. Fatehpur Sikri
  15. Wildlife Sanctuaries
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